GBOM Vapes

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Asalted by Gbom - Lychee Punch 25mg Nic Salts (30ml)

Generous Handfuls of Juicy Lychee with a slight jab of tropical guava PLEASE DO NOT USE HIGH NIC SALTS IN..


Gbom Vapes - N'DULGE Custard Vandetta 60ml

A groovy yet memorable 80's style freshly baked Pastel De Nata. A mouth watering blend of creamy rich custard ..


Gbom Vapes - N'DULGE Mango Cardinal 60ml

A fresh selection of only the ripest malaysian mangos blended with a few other sexy exotic fruits to the likes..


Gbom Vapes - N'DULGE Nookie Monsta 60ml

Nougat & Crunchy Honeycomb Cookie.Available in 60mlVG/PG- 70/30..


Gbom Vapes - Peanut Butter Conspiracy 60ml

A delicate "Conspiracy" between spoonfuls of rich smooth peanut butter, homemade strawberry jam & buttery ..