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Krush Blackcurrant Cherry 100ml New

Krush Blackcurrant Cherry 100ml

 Fresh juicy blackcurrants with a top note of classic cherry’s.VG/PG Ratio: 70/30Nicotine Strength:&..


Krush Grape 100ml New

Krush Grape 100ml

straight from the vine, so fresh you can almost taste the dew rolling down the skinVG/PG Ratio: 70/30Nico..


Krush Green Apple 100ml New

Krush Green Apple 100ml

That crisp juice flavor of the green apple, bursting with flavor with every hit of this fruity vape juice.VG/P..


Krush Kiwi 100ml New

Krush Kiwi 100ml

This much sought after juice has a light, fruity flavor with a splash of sweetness and a faint note ..


Krush Litchi 100ml New

Krush Litchi 100ml

The sweetest most juiciest litchi vape flavour that gives you the actual feeling of eating litchis on a hot su..


Krush Mango 100ml New

Krush Mango 100ml

The freshest sweetest ready and ripe mango juice, bursting with flavor with every hit of this fruity vape..


Krush Passionfruit 100ml New

Krush Passionfruit 100ml

The exotic taste of the granadilla, the juicy sweet pulp of this delicious fruit goes down a hit on those summ..


Krush Wild Berries 100ml New

Krush Wild Berries 100ml

A wild combination of the freshest Blueberries, strawberries, raspberry’s and blackcurrant for the fruit lover..