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All Day Vapour - Cherry Berry 30ml

A new addition to the All Day Vapour family offering the ultimate refreshing fruitiness you desire in an all d..


All Day Vapour - Choc Brownie 30ml

A warm and delectable treat for chocolate dessert lovers...


All Day Vapour - Creamy Custard Danish 30ml

Please Note: The name of Creamy Custard Danish is changing to Cookie Custard.Indulge in a mouth-warming treat ..


All Day Vapour - Fruity Milk Rings 30ml

The all-time favourite breakfast vape, tasty fruity cereal rings with a splash of milk and fruit juice...


All Day Vapour - Grape Fizz 30ml

Take a dive into a delicious explosion of Grape candy flavoured soda with a slice of sugar-drizzled lemon on t..


All Day Vapour - Tropical Candy 30ml

The sweet distinctness of Banana gums takes you down the road to an all time favourite...


BBM - The Ghetto Berry 50ml

YO BEECHIE'S !!! The QUEEN of bubblegum vapes is here. The Ghetto Berry by Because Bubbles Matter follows The ..


BBM - The Urban Grape 50ml

BOOM!!! The KING of bubblegum vapes is here. Urban Grape by Because Bubbles Matter takes you back to your chil..


Bedrock - Ice Cream Donuts

Bedrock is a freshly-made donut that is double stuffed with slow-churned vanilla ice cream and topped with Fru..


Big Time Juice - Apple 120ml -30%

Big Time Juice - Apple 120ml

Call it an Apple Martini or an Appletini, either way, it’s sweet, delicious, and a fun juice. It’s a sweet and..

R330.00 R230.00

Big Time Juice - Guava 120ml

The tropical fruit comes in different shapes and varieties. Its's often sweet, either way in this form of juic..


Big Time Juice - Mango 120ml

Summer if one of the only times when one can enjoy the true ecstasy of fresh mango juice.  Usually bottle..


Big Time Juice - Melon 120ml

As simple and refreshing melon juice is, you can bring that summer feeling all year round with this taste of B..


Carter Elixirs - Jungle Juice (120ml)

A sweet blend of bananas, pineapples, pears, strawberries and guava, Jungle Juice is a complex blend that culm..


Complex Chaos - Cinnamon Cookies

A timeless flavour combination of sweet cinnamon combined with the richness of cream...


Complex Chaos - Coconut Comfort

A tropical taste of toasted coconut infused with whipped cream and a light aroma of baked pie crust...


Complex Chaos - Crusty Custard

With a blend of the finest vanillas, custards and creams, Crusty Custard is a perfectly light and flavourful d..


Complex Chaos - Freaky Loops

Blending everyone’s favourite fruit loops and milk, sending you back in time with this nostalgic breakfast cer..


Complex Chaos - Heavenly Peaches

Everybody’s favourite flavour combination of peaches and cream...


Complex Chaos - Strawberry Desire

Fun and whimsical Strawberry milkshake flavour results in a mouth full of fun...


Complex Chaos - Yogi Drip

A delightful blend of berries drenched in creamy double thick yoghurt.  If you have a craving for fruit y..


Craving Apple Pie by Complex Chaos

A traditional farm style taste experience of apple pie with lingering cinnamon notes...


Cuttwood - Boss Reserve

A golden Honey Graham cereal with roasted Nut clusters. Drenched in creamy Milk & layered with sliced Bana..


Cuttwood - Mega Melons

A trifecta of Mango, Cantaloupe, and Papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavour..


Cuttwood - Mr. Fritter

The indulgence of a warm Fritter featuring the perfect balance of Apple & Cinnamon infused with our own sp..


Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle

An expert balance of Cinnamon bakery, meets sweet milky Cream to create a very All-Day-Vapeable E-Sauce that h..


Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk

A perfect blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams...


Deadly Sins - Lust 30ml

Treat yourself with this intricate natural strawberry cheesecake desert with wafer biscuits and caramel.30ml70..


Deluxe Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics

What happens when you turn a pancake on its side and wage a war of flavors against it? You end up with Deluxe ..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - A Grand Escape

A Grand EscapeFogg’s traditional strawberry shortcake. A classic combination of layered biscuit, fresh strawbe..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - At First Flight

At First Flight Fogg’s personal take on traditional custard . A combination of vanilla blends, custard &n..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Deli Express

The Deli Express Fogg’s presents its guilty cinnamon treat. This well known breakfast pastry is a sweet c..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Final Descent

The Final Descent Fogg’s has listened and delivered once again. After numerous requests we present our ve..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Milky Way

Fogg’s much anticipated cereal treat. A combination of berry crunch and fruit loops infused with vanilla malt ..


Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast Fogg’s baked pear adventure. A gourmet baked pear with brown sugar and cinnamon cookie ..


French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics 60ml

French Dude 80% VG / 20% PG e-liquid by Vape Breakfast Classics is 60ml of delicious french toast with ..


Funnel Cake Factory - Strawberry Whipped

Strawberry Whipped:  Funnel cake topped with strawberries & whip creamAvailable in: 3mg, 6mgBott..


Funnel Cake Factory - Vanilla Whipped

Vanilla Whipped: Funnel cake topped with vanilla ice cream & whip creamAvailable in: 3mg, 6mgBottle S..


Geekvape Griffin 22mm Top Airflow Set

Featuring an easy to manage top airflow system, users can precisely dial in on their preferred airflow experie..


GeekVape Griffin 25mm RTA with Top Airflow Stainless Steel

Griffin 25 RTA with Top Airflow Stainless SteelStandard / Top Airflow Version     Ava..