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*** Discontinued *** All Day Vapour - Cherry Berry 30ml

A new addition to the All Day Vapour family offering the ultimate refreshing fruitiness you desire in an all d..


*** Discontinued *** All Day Vapour - Choc Brownie 30ml

A warm and delectable treat for chocolate dessert lovers...


*** Discontinued *** All Day Vapour - Creamy Custard Danish 30ml

Please Note: The name of Creamy Custard Danish is changing to Cookie Custard.Indulge in a mouth-warming treat ..


*** Discontinued *** Bedrock - Ice Cream Donuts

Bedrock is a freshly-made donut that is double stuffed with slow-churned vanilla ice cream and topped with Fru..


*** Discontinued *** Carter Elixirs - Jungle Juice (120ml)

A sweet blend of bananas, pineapples, pears, strawberries and guava, Jungle Juice is a complex blend that culm..


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Cinnamon Cookies

A timeless flavour combination of sweet cinnamon combined with the richness of cream...


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Coconut Comfort

A tropical taste of toasted coconut infused with whipped cream and a light aroma of baked pie crust...


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Crusty Custard

With a blend of the finest vanillas, custards and creams, Crusty Custard is a perfectly light and flavourful d..


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Freaky Loops

Blending everyone’s favourite fruit loops and milk, sending you back in time with this nostalgic breakfast cer..


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Heavenly Peaches

Everybody’s favourite flavour combination of peaches and cream...


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Strawberry Desire

Fun and whimsical Strawberry milkshake flavour results in a mouth full of fun...


*** Discontinued *** Complex Chaos - Yogi Drip

A delightful blend of berries drenched in creamy double thick yoghurt.  If you have a craving for fruit y..


*** Discontinued *** Craving Apple Pie by Complex Chaos

A traditional farm style taste experience of apple pie with lingering cinnamon notes...


*** Discontinued *** Cuttwood - Boss Reserve

A golden Honey Graham cereal with roasted Nut clusters. Drenched in creamy Milk & layered with sliced Bana..


*** Discontinued *** Cuttwood - Mega Melons

A trifecta of Mango, Cantaloupe, and Papaya creates this delectable combination of refreshing tropical flavour..


*** Discontinued *** Cuttwood - Mr. Fritter

The indulgence of a warm Fritter featuring the perfect balance of Apple & Cinnamon infused with our own sp..


*** Discontinued *** Cuttwood - Sugar Drizzle

An expert balance of Cinnamon bakery, meets sweet milky Cream to create a very All-Day-Vapeable E-Sauce that h..


*** Discontinued *** Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk

A perfect blend of enhanced strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams...


*** Discontinued *** Deadly Sins - Lust 30ml

Treat yourself with this intricate natural strawberry cheesecake desert with wafer biscuits and caramel.30ml70..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - A Grand Escape

A Grand EscapeFogg’s traditional strawberry shortcake. A classic combination of layered biscuit, fresh strawbe..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - At First Flight

At First Flight Fogg’s personal take on traditional custard . A combination of vanilla blends, custard &n..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Deli Express

The Deli Express Fogg’s presents its guilty cinnamon treat. This well known breakfast pastry is a sweet c..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Final Descent

The Final Descent Fogg’s has listened and delivered once again. After numerous requests we present our ve..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Milky Way

Fogg’s much anticipated cereal treat. A combination of berry crunch and fruit loops infused with vanilla malt ..


*** Discontinued *** Fogg's Famous Sauce - The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast Fogg’s baked pear adventure. A gourmet baked pear with brown sugar and cinnamon cookie ..


*** Discontinued *** Funnel Cake Factory - Vanilla Whipped

Vanilla Whipped: Funnel cake topped with vanilla ice cream & whip creamAvailable in: 3mg, 6mgBottle S..


*** Discontinued *** Geekvape Griffin 22mm Top Airflow Set

Featuring an easy to manage top airflow system, users can precisely dial in on their preferred airflow experie..


*** Discontinued *** GeekVape Griffin 25mm RTA with Top Airflow Stainless Steel

Griffin 25 RTA with Top Airflow Stainless SteelStandard / Top Airflow Version     Ava..


*** Discontinued *** Hazeworks - Cumulus

Toasted marshmallow splashed with a blend of creams, a dash of brown sugar and nom.  This is a smooth ful..


*** Discontinued *** Hazeworks - Custard Cloud

Fly off on a magic carpet ride to custard heaven. You won’t be able to get enough of this juice with a rich cr..


*** Discontinued *** Hazeworks - Scream

Ultra creamy vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberry, wrapped in a wafer cone...


*** Discontinued *** Hazeworks - Startup

Sweet Lemon notes combined with rich biscuit makes this juice a great start to the day. Just the right balance..


*** Discontinued *** Hazeworks - Sunset

Sunset will awaken a sense of holiday and intrigue, as you sit at a corner café somewhere in the world, while ..


*** Discontinued *** Ice Cream Man - Caramel Waffle Crunch

Caramel Waffle Crunch by Ice Cream Man 30ml (E Juice)Let's face it. You always loved biting into the chocolate..


*** Discontinued *** Ice Cream Man - Da Bomb

Da Bomb by Ice Cream Man 30ml (E Juice)Cool off this summer with a delicious Bomb Pop popsicle we all grew up ..


*** Discontinued *** Ice Cream Man - Freshberry Cream

Freshberry Cream by Ice Cream Man 30ml (E Juice)Freshberry Cream is a pink strawberry ice cream topped with fr..


*** Discontinued *** Ice Cream Man - Mint Choco Chip

Mint Choco Chip by Ice Cream Man 30ml (E Juice)Dig into our delicious take on mint chocolate chip ice cream! ..


*** Discontinued *** iCloudcig - Fishbone RDA

There's nothing fishy about this RDA. With its four bottom airholes and its showstopping glass top cap, the Fi..


*** Discontinued *** Juice Man USA - Snow Man On Ice 100ml

MAD MAN• Size : 100ml70/30 VG/PGIce cold rainbow snow-cone doused with tropical fruit syrup. Light cooling sen..


*** Discontinued *** Macaroon Man - Huckleberry Lemon 60ml

From the makers of Pancake Man and French Dude comes Macaroon Man Huckleberry Lemon – A huckleberry and lemon ..